Instructables Build Night

Folloing a suggestion of a fan of the Hackerspace, we have signed up to the August Build Night, organized by the DIY site Instructables and the electronics store Jameco.

The deal is that they send us a bag of electronics, mostly around the classic 555 timer, and we build a bunch of diffnerent things that we afterwards upload as an instructable, helping others to make some cool stuff too.

Now we have received the bag, and we are getting ready to host the build night.

"The Instructables electronics pack"

The contents of the bag:

  • Standard Timer Single 8-Pin 555 Chip (10)
  • Resistor Assortment, 540 pieces (1)
  • Breadboard 3.25x2.125 (4)
  • Battery Snap, 6 inch (4)
  • Battery, Super Alkaline, 9V (4)
  • Grab Bag of Electronics Components (1)
  • LED Grab Bag - assorted colors and shapes (2)

August 17, Saturday afternoon 2pm

Build Night with Instructables & Jameco
Build some cool circuits and share it with the others. RSVP on Facebook or Google+.
When: 2013 August 17, Saturday, 2:00PM - 7:00PM
Where: Taipei Hackerspace, 太原路133巷26號4樓, Taipei, Taiwan

Feel free to bring friends, snacks, drinks with you, and have a good time! No entry fee, everyone’s welcome.